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Passione globale - export arredo in tutto il mondo


Vista aerea del centro di distribuzione logistica e consegna

Una realtà locale, 
una passione Internazionale

Dalle strade di Shibuya alle spiagge di Santa Monica, dal loft di Londra all'appartamento di Parigi, ovunque voi siate vi portiamo quel tocco di Italian Style che rende unico il vostro spazio.

Dal cuore produttivo del design Made in Italy, grazie ad una logistica collaudata e partner altamente affidabili, le nostre idee ed i nostri prodotti vi raggiungeranno con passione, cura e professionalità.

La nostra priorità è assicurare che quanto abbiamo progettato assieme diventi realtà nella vostra casa.

Calde atmosfere in cucina

Washington, USA, 2022


I hope all is well with you.

We are very excited to receive our gorgeous kitchen, thanks to you guys, and we are tracking the vessel carrying our kitchen on



"Dear Massimo,

It looks great!  Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas and assistance throughout this process !"

"Dear Mrs. Theresa,

Thank you very much for the pictures; I'm very happy for the successful result and I'm glad to know that your new Dada kitchen will be part of your family.

Once again thank you for choosing us.

Warm Regards



"Dear Massimo,
We love the kitchen - thanks so much for the great design work.

I am sending photos and will send more once everything is done!
Thanks so much again. More photos soon!


Un piccolo nido

Surfers Paradise, Australia, 2022

"Hi Massimo,

Long time we haven’t communicated and I hope that you & your family are sound and safe especially with the pandemic situation.

As you may know, our international borders have been closed since March last year and should be closed until mid next year.

So we cannot travel and cannot come and visit you unfortunately.

I am coming back to you as we will need some new furniture from your company.

We just bought a small apartment that we need to furnish. How could we have access to your catalogue to identify our needs?

I thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Stay safe,



"Hi Massimo,

FYI, we have just received today our shipment.

Furniture looks wonderful in our small apartment.

I am attaching a few pix (note in one them our very first meal “pesto pasta” 😆) for your perusal.

Stay Well & Stay Safe



"Dear Mr. Robert,

I'm very glad to read from you and thank you for contacting me concerning the furniture of your new house; I have published a shared directory on Dropbox including a complete selection of brochures.

We can plan a face-time call for Thursday morning 10 am Italian Time (It should be 6 pm, in Sydney).

I look forward to talking to you soon,

Warm regards



Questione di Finiture

Sydney, Australia, 2006

"Dear Massimo,

Thank-you for your prompt response.

I would appreciate your opinion and comments with regard to the covering of the sofas which we intend to place with 2 existing armchairs which are in black leather.

My initial thoughts are that the sofa may look better in fabric rather than leather.



Penthouse-internal view

"Hi Massimo,

Just a short note to let you know that the furniture has arrived safely with no damage thanks to your excellent packing.

I have sent you some photos of the items installed in our apartment... sorry for the poor quality as they are from my telephone camera.

We are very happy with the black leather Tufty Time sofas... they are very comfortable and look fantastic... you were right about them looking better in leather rather than fabric.

Best Wishes,



"Dear Mr. Gary ,

Concerning the sofa, the use of leather is strongly advisable both in term of durability and elegance.

We often sell it in fabric when the client requires the product to be softer, but in in your case, considering the daily use and the layout of the project, I would suggest to opt for leather.

Yours Sincerely



Tradizioni di famiglia

Canberra, Australia, 2011

" Hello Massimo,

My farther who has purchased furniture on a couple of occasions from you suggested that I contact you in regard to the supply of some furniture for a new house that I am construction for my family.

Regards  Anthony"

WILL-01 furniture australia

"Hello Massimo

Thank you for your assistance. The furniture arrived we are very happy there was no damage and everything was as hoped for.

We where very impressed by the quality of flexform.

Thank you for your assistance, I have attached a couple of photos which you might be interested in, still a construction site but.


Anthony " 

WILL-03 arredo australia

"Dear Anthony,

Thanks again for your request; I'm more than happy to provide you all the quotes you might need for the furnishing of your new house. I'm considering the option of a full container (FCL) so delivery costs will be more competitive.

I'll be back to you soon

Warm Regards


WILL-04 foto interno arredo australia

Arredamento & Arte

Montpellier, France, 2012

"Dear Massimo,

I got your contact data from mr B from Belgium who purchased furniture from you.

I am building a house in Montpellier France and am interested to have your quotation and advice.

Would you consider visiting the house with me and suggesting an interior design and decoration?

Best regards,


DT-06 interno villa montpellier Francia - Dada Molteni

"Dear Massimo,
I have a collection of 10 original Andy Warhol screens on Mao.
Can you suggest how to place them on the wall above the pool window?
Best regards,

"Dear Mr. Dirk,

According to the wall dimension I would suggest to place them as per sketch attached... these screens were conceived to be placed in close sequence one after the other, according to the basics of the Pop art by Andy Wharol. 

Kind regards


DT-10 esterno villa Montpellier Francia
DT-01 foto villa a montpellier Francia

"Dear Mr. Dirk,

At present I'm in London for a couple of days to finish the rebuilding and furnishing of a loft in the south Kensinghton area, but as soon as I'm back I would be more than happy to meet you in Montpellier to have a glimpse of your project. When would you be able to meet me on site? Do you have a plan (dwg or pdf file) so I can start checking the spaces for the possible lay-outs?

Thanks and regards


DT-04 Andy Wharol quadri e divano B&B Italia Patricia Urquiola

"I agree Massimo!

Lets do that.

Best regards,


"Hi Massimo,
All has been delivered by Tramo this afternoon. It looks great!
Thanks again for all the care and efforts.
Best regards,

Un tocco di italianità

Busan, Soth Korea, 2017


My name is SON, from South Korea. Do you ship to South Korea?

If is it possible, I would like to get a project and prices for our new living room.


SON-04 divano maxalto korea

"Dear Mr. Bertola, 

We received all the items... Italian furniture is a work of art indeed.

We are very satisfied with all our products..

Thank you very much for this transaction.

And if there is a chance someday I want to go to your showroom.

If there is another chance, we will make a good deal too.


SON-02 divano Maxalto Korea

"Dear Mr. Son,

Thank you for your kind e-mail; I'm Massimo Bertola, your on-line personal assistant for Arredamenti Bertola, Export Division.

As authorised dealers we sell and export to Asia on a weekly base.

Please find attached our project and offer; concerning the shipping you can opt for your personal forwarder or we can provide a Door to Door DDU quote with our partner courier.

In any moment, if you need some more information, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Kind Regards


SON-03 divano maxalto south korea

Di nuovo nella City

London, England, 2010

" Hi Massimo,

Hope you are well – It has been a while.

I have a new very exciting project which I was hoping you might be interested to help…

The client has just purchased a property which he is due to move into on the 6th April – By this time it needs to be completely furnished.

I have done a basic furniture plan attached for your reference.

Kind Regards


BEN-03 divano maxalto london

"Hi Massimo,

Delivery and assembling was simply perfect; your guys made a very good impression to the client.

Thank you once again for your great support!

I look forward to the next Project!



BEN-02 terrazza london

"Dear Ben,

Thank you for your mail; I will call you this afternoon so we can plan a meeting in London to check the site and focus on clients requirements.

Don't worry about the strict deadline... you know I prefer to work under pressure.

Warm Regards


BEN-04 poltrona Febo di Maxalto London
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