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I nostri Plus



Because for us
every project is unique

If you trust us to design your home, your space, you will not receive a copy/paste solution inspired by the pages of company brochures.

Each project is unique and must represent the tastes, needs and requirements of those who will live in the space.

Because we sell projects
even before products

Those who chose us, both in Italy and abroad, did so to receive personalized service and often because they are tired to be treated merely as a number.

Sure, we manage to be competitive in terms of cost as well, but those who entrust us with their dreams do so for the uniqueness of our proposals, the professionalism of our architects, and the proven experience in handling the entire process, from preliminary analysis to worldwide delivery and installation.

Because everyday
we put our neck on the line

When you contact us or visit our showroom you will always find me, my brother or my dad.
No filter, no waiting list, call centre or answering machine.
We want a direct relationship with our customers.

Because we have a personal
relationship with our suppliers

We have selected companies from the Brianza area, the global capital of high-quality Made in Italy design, and over the years we have developed a dialogue that goes beyond the simple business relationship between supplier and distributor.

It's a privileged channel built on a long lasting relationship of trust and professionalism that allows us, within the bounds of human fallibility, to keep the promises we make to our clients


Because we have always thought and designed with a global perspective

We are a local entity, deeply rooted in the territory and intertwined with the high-quality Italian furniture production system.

Over time, we have developed relationships and collaborations with professionals and facilities that enable us to tackle intricate projects and complex logistics.

From a provincial villa to a New York apartment,

from a dammuso in Pantelleria to a loft in Hong Kong, spanning from the streets of Città Alta to the boulevards of Paris

Because it's rewarding to have new friends all around the world

Those who have placed their trust in us often come back, whether for a coffee, a chat, or a new project.

Those who experience our space share it with friends and family, and for us, this is the best form of advertisement.

And when they arrive in Italy for the first time, we don't miss the chance to guide them through Bergamo, our city, too often overlooked in the 'Grand Tour' itineraries.

Because we still enjoy
doing our job

Often, appointments and meetings are scheduled at unconventional hours. Conversations about furniture, design, and good taste can continue until late at night, and sometimes Sundays become opportunities to meet those clients who don't have free time during the week.

And when the phone rings at 5 in the morning, you know that in Tokyo it's almost lunchtime, while in Los Angeles, they are still in 'yesterday' sipping an aperitif.

Because we don't give in to passing fads

Always curious and attentive to market trends and industry developments, which we explore in Italy and around the world by visiting trade fairs, events, and showrooms, we don't indulge in applying simplistic clichés or catering to fleeting trends.

We believe in our motto 'What you design with us will stand the test of time.

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