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Charles & Ray Eames

With the launch of the Lounge Chair in 1956, Charles and Ray Eames set new standards: it was not only lighter, more elegant and more modern than the conventionally ponderous club chair, it was also far more comfortable. It is these qualities that have made the Lounge Chair one of the best-known classics in the history of modern furniture.

As a special limited edition Vitra is issuing the Lounge Chair with a Phlox fabric cover in the colour dark green, a velour corduroy textile, which combined with a palisander wood shell emphasises the armchair’s iconic appearance, while its pine-green metal parts form a contrasting contemporary feature.



A project by Mario Bellini

What makes them special is the apparent absence of load-bearing structure, the extreme naturalness of form, and the synthesis of comfort, softness and elasticity that their appearance communicates with effective evidence.

Where the original construction was based on a metal structure embedded in polyurethane, now the materials used are of the latest generation, starting with second-life polyethylene that gives structure.

A project under the banner of sustainability thanks to material and construction choices that allow the components of Le Bambole to be disassembled and therefore easily recyclable.

Sofa model Le Bambole by B&B Italia

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B&B Italia


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An icon by Patricia Urquiola

The Tufty-Time sofa series, one of B&B Italia's most established successes, finds effective answers to the themes of modularity, comfort and removable covers. 
A modular system, Tufty-Time develops from a pouf, a basic piece that is flanked by central, corner and end elements with high or low armrests that originate traditional sofas, with chaise longue, corner and island elements that allow three hundred and sixty degrees of seating. 
Cozy in the most accentuated depth, Tufty-Time becomes the meeting place, a cozy refuge to indulge in. With fabric or leather upholstery, Tufty-Time cites the classic Chesterfield and capitonné types, updating them and contaminating them with a freer, more informal lifestyle.

Divano modello Tufty Time di B&B Italia design Patricia Urquiola


An idea by Monica Armani

The Allure O' table presents itself as a heartfelt homage to glamour reinterpreted in a contemporary guise. The graceful strength of its design is clearly read in the shape of the top, balanced between the control of straight lines and the sinuosity of curves. An interplay of elliptical geometries, a reference to the shapes of the iconic glasses worn by Jackie O'.


Flair O' is a small domestic throne, an armchair ideal complement to match the Allure O' table. The dialogue between the two objects is established starting from the base which, also for the small armchair, takes the shape of a truncated pyramid with rounded corners, to reconcile elegance, essentiality and charm. Descending toward the floor, the base widens almost imperceptibly at the back, a trick that provides great stability without interfering with the harmony of the design. To ensure the necessary comfort, Flair O' has a padded seat. In addition, the accentuated inclination of the backrest and its enveloping silhouette promote relaxation, yet without forgetting the ideal posture for interacting elegantly around a table.

Allure-O Tavolo disegnato da Monica Armani per B&B Italia

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Now on Display

Contemporary Classic
by Antonio Citterio

Collection of seating with a unique personality. 

Curvilinear, yet still rigorous forms create a balanced and harmonious aesthetic.

The design of the backrest, the generous depth of the seat, the anatomical shapes and the soft upholstery make Apollo an extremely welcoming and comfortable proposition.

The range of fabric or leather covers is rich.

Fabric versions are further embellished with raised stitching, while leather versions boast elegant "envelope" stitching.

The frame is highlighted by a painted aluminum edge.

Divano modello Apollo disegnato da Antonio Citterio per Maxalto - B&B Italia
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