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LOFT AZ Bergamo+
Elegant Minimalism

Spaces, functions, materials and details; everything contributes to defining a project designed to welcome, envelop and enhance. 

Wood meets metal, fabrics and leathers, colors outline the spaces by hierarchising the functions and fluidifying the paths.

A minimalism rethought and adapted to the style of the owners to underline its refined elegance.


Villa MASNADA Bergamo
Warm Functionality

Contemporary design embodied in the essence of refined minimalism. The choice of neutral colors as the canvas on which the design elements emerge.

The furnishings follow clean lines and geometric shapes, creating a clean, uncluttered environment that encourages calm and reflection.

Each element is carefully chosen for its inherent quality. From solid wood floors to polished marble surfaces, each material speaks of refinement and durability.

Modernity blends with practicality through the integration of smart technologies. Home automation systems control lighting, air conditioning, and entertainment, providing tailored comfort and harmonious connection.

Architect Loft Brescia
Soft Elegance

A space called to express a design thought made of understated elegance, refined materials, balanced color combinations and that feminine touch that makes everything homogeneous and enveloping.

An interlocking challenge to enhance every inch;

a selection of pieces that marry the space and welcome the architect every evening when she returns home.

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