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VEGETAL / R.&E.Bouroullec

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s interest in organic forms already manifested itself in 2004 with the design of Algues for Vitra. These design components made of plastic can be linked together to form decorative formations that are reminiscent of plants. Drawing on the experiences from this project, the Bouroullec brothers spent four years collaborating with Vitra to develop the Vegetal chair. During this time, they made numerous prototypes and explored the many technical possibilities that injection moulding had to offer. Their experimentation served to create a chair indicative of natural vegetation that had the necessary strength and comfort. Three levels of flat, branch-like ribs are interwoven asymmetrically to form the Vegetal seat shell, which has the shape of an irregular circle and is supported by four legs that look like natural stems. Vegetal is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is perfect as a dining room chair at home, or in a restaurant or cafeteria. It also makes a splendid individual sculptural piece, and serves well as a multipurpose garden chair for home or public use.