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TIVALI'&MORE / Dante Bonuccelli

Tivalì&More is magic, it disappears. Where there was once a cupboard, now there’s a kitchen. Its folding doors open and hide the structure. As light as a feather, they close and hide all the chef’s secrets. Or they open half way, to reveal the stainless steel worktop. A functional container, two bases below the work top pull out. Tivalì&More is a kitchen-furnishing designed by Dante Bonuccelli for little big spaces in your home. There’s also a handy larder and a hinged opening column, fitted with drawers and adjustable shelves. With the lightness and fluidity of touch that Jean Prouvé put into his designs: “everything he touches and designs immediately takes on an elegant plastic form and at the same time comes up with brilliant solutions to problems regarding the strength of the materials,” as Le Corbusier said.