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SET / Rodolfo Dordoni

Set is a place to work but also a formally essential living space with sophisticated colour combinations Set could only be created by a real chef. We’re not talking about a star chef, but a designer that cooks for his friends, Rodolfo Dordoni. For him, the kitchen is a laboratory where he can experiment, and a workshop where everything is within reach. Shelves and workspaces are open, like a bookcase, because this space is also a living room. It’s technological but pleasant to look at. It’s also functional in small environments. It put an end to big volumes and dimensions. Set can also develop vertically up the entire height of the walls. It's possible to create many lay out: an island, a corner, a peninsula or linear. The design recaptures the solid, old concept of the American-style modular kitchen, with many elements to mix and match in many different creative ways. Efficiency, logical use and an obsession for time are the guiding concepts. In other words, Set is a “kitchen set”.