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OUTLINE / Arik Levy

A design for a chair, not just as an archetype, but as a functional and contemporary unit, without foregoing those small handcrafted refinements that underline the uniqueness of the design. These are the goals that Arik Levy set himself for Outline. Levy started from the technology, studying the resins required to make the seat, and then moved on to the advanced, low environmental impact techniques for varnishing the frame, and lastly to the search for practical and functional solutions for the upholstery. A project imbued with innovative content. Levy then tackled the shape, designing it to be airy and rigorous, especially for the mono-material model with permanent fabric or leather upholstery. A second version with a device to be applied to the frame with a shiny chrome, matt nickel or opaline finish completes the range. And to finish, comfort combined with long-lasting functionality, thanks to an ergonomically correct seat, with removable covers.