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Molteni&C has a tradition of designing and developing stylish home furnishings. Gliss Quick reflects this commitment, a system of wardrobes complete in design, modularity and accessories. Gliss Quick is designed and produced for maximum functional use, aiming to satisfy every storage need, using avant-garde technology and materials for a top quality wardrobe which is reliable and long lasting. Total modularity, custom opening systems in both sliding and hinged door versions thanks to five different types of handle, a vast range of interior fittings and a wide choice of exterior finishes make Gliss Quick an avant-garde product. Corner and end modules, bridge elements and the possibility of carrying out alterations to measure on the doors and structure make Gliss Quick particularly versatile in its use: a dividing partition between different areas or as a service element which is both discreet and functional. The “Classic” series of fittings redefines the internal space of the wardrobe according to the new trends in terms of fashion and accessories. A vast choice of drawers and shelves and easy to use accessories make all items immediately accessible and visible.