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COVE DIVANO / Francesco Rota

Sofas and platforms are available also in the curved version; all elements can be used both singularly or to create compositions. To design the desired model, it is necessary to complete the base with the suitable number of removable armrests and backrests available in two widths and heights. The structure of the base, arms and backrests is in aluminum, the base is provided with elastic belts. Plastic spacers. The structure, the arms and backrests can be upholstered in Rope M, Rope T and Aquatech fabrics; the seat cushion, available both in the outdoor and the indoor finishes, the back and the loose cushions have a removable cover available in Luz and Rope T fabrics, suitable for outdoor. The sun bed is provided with a back adjustable by a steel gas piston and casing. At least a back cushion and a loose cushion per person are necessary to complete the seat. The modules in the compositions are joined together by a stainless steel coupling system. Protection Winter Set cover available.